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Showcasing the need for accurate plans.

Detailed plans eliminate on site errors.

It is imperative that designers are kept abreast of the latest building techniques.

As registered professionals, we are need to comply with legislation to keep up-to-date with Construction Law, NBR Amendments etc.

There are constant changes in the building industry, with the development of better materials and foster construction methods.

Designing with “Greener” technology and energy-efficient saving devices i.e. solar panels & solar geezers is the order of the day.

Networking internationally with other Architects and Engineers, insurers that our local designer’s knowledge base improves.

Design style is also important and stimulates a growing industry in the interior design and landscaping fields.

Smart home designs, has become ever increasingly popular. Fully automated homes will be the way of the future.

Designing dwellings, commercial and industrial structures, that can detect internal movement and adjust power consumption accordingly is important.

With regards to urban development, there has been a noticeable increase in smart technology devices being integrated.

City planners are using streetlights which contain solar panels and rechargeable batteries, which may be installed anywhere.

As a result of our current poor electronic infrastructure, most Businesses and Retail Shopping Centres have converted to generators.

The need for alternative energy supply in all aspects of construction and property developments has become of paramount importance.

Wireless communication systems have made it easier to install communication devices in both Residential and Commercial Developments.

Building insulation and ventilation methods have also dramatically improved over the past 10 years.

Insulation in the construction of low-cost housing, helps to eliminate the use of open flame devices and electrical heating systems.

It has been well documented, that most fire related damages to dwellings is in the low-cost housing communities.

This page is dedicated to the continual Architectural News, to stimulate different design ideas and methodologies.

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