Tom Hegen’s ‘The Quarry Series’ captures open pit mining in Augsburg, Germany. Image © Tom Hegen

As with any industry, most skills are acquired through years of hands-on working and problem solving, and not just what’s taught at school. For fresh architecture graduates, engaging with general contractors, engineers, and builders during their first site visits might feel overwhelming, especially since they are exploring the practical side of the practice. 

Among the many things acquired on site are the terminologies used by construction workers that may not have been necessarily taught at school. And while an architecture dictionary might seem like the most suitable solution, carrying around a book with over 25,000 terms such as Cyril M Harris’ Dictionary of Architecture and Construction wouldn’t be the most convenient on a construction site. This is why we have put together list of 50 construction terms and concepts that every architect will come across at least once during their practice.

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