I Work How Many Jobs? My FTE equals 3.0?

As we discussed the stereotypes earlier this week on the podcast, I was inspired to create this post. Added to that is just two days ago some of the discussion in our upcoming episode (062) and then I was fully settled into this one. Do all architects work long hours? While I am not a […]

061: Architectural Stereotypes

When I say the word “architect” what do you imagine? It seems that most people imagine architects in black clothing, heavy rimmed glasses, and they most-likely possess other-worldly glue skills. We are going to set the record straight regarding the disconnect between the public’s perception and the reality of architects. The post 061: Architectural Stereotypes […]

Architectural Graphics 101 – Title Blocks

Architectural Graphics are a topic that it seems everybody has an interest in discussing – or at the very least, looking at for comparison purposes. After a very long hiatus, Architectural Graphics 101 is rising from the ashes like the proverbial Phoenix. It’s been 3 years and 16 days since my last architectural graphics post […]

060: The Perfect Portfolio

At one point or another, every architecture student or graduate has a portfolio of their work that they have agonized over creating. Portfolios are important, they demonstrate your range of skills and will most likely play a significant role in whether or not you land your dream job … so why do so many of […]

Surprise! I’m Starting a Residential Studio

I really enjoyed the 20+ years I spent working with people (who typically became my friends) to design their dream houses. Of all the things that changed when I left my last firm and slid on over to BOKA Powell, the only thing I’ve really missed was working on residential projects. You might not know […]

Top Instagram Accounts for Architectural Visualization

So as a follow-up to the recent podcast this week, I wanted to delve into the world of visualization and find some of the best Instagram accounts to follow for this industry. As I am an architect, educator, and enthusiast I did reach out to our guest Alex Hogrefe and asked him for a few […]

059 Architectural Visualization with Alex Hogrefe

Do you have architectural visualization skills? Maybe you’re asking yourself “what does even mean?” Well, you are in luck because today on the Life of an Architect Podcast we are dedicated to discussing all things related to architectural visualization and graphics and we have the perfect guest, Alex Hogrefe. The post 059 Architectural Visualization with […]

We, Myself and I

Are architects bad at sharing? The word “I” is a take credit type of word, while saying “we” is a sharing credit type of word. How often do you say “I when you could have said “We”? The post We, Myself and I first appeared on Life of an Architect. Continue reading We, Myself and […]

Starting Architecture School: COVID Edition Part 2

So I know that I have written before about the transition to online teaching that occurred last spring, but I am going to revisit. I recently wrote an article for Texas Architect Magazine (Sept/Oct issue) that was completed prior to the start of the school year. Now that the fall semester is underway, it is […]

058: Talking Shop with Building Science Fight Club

Understanding the physical behavior of the building as a system and how it impacts the energy efficiency, durability, comfort, and indoor air quality is pivotal in the creation of high-performance buildings. This means we are talking Building Science Fight Club with Christine Williamson. The post 058: Talking Shop with Building Science Fight Club first appeared […]