Do Architects Still Need to Draw?

Do architects still need to draw? This is a controversial topic to be certain, but is it something that should be considered when planning for the future of the profession and the education of future architects? I am not certain of my stance on the issue, but I do believe it needs open discussion. Continue […]

052: Architectural Tools

When an architect goes to work … what happens? Do they pull out a pen and sketch paper? Maybe they power up some hardware – quite possibly a bit of both. Ask and architect what they need to do their job and they’ll all give you different answers but we’ll give you the real scope […]

You’ve Got to be Kidding Me

First and foremost, I am here to tell you that despite my own behavior, you really should find a way to take the time off your company provides. It’s important for your mental and physical health, improved familial relationships, greater well-being, it’ll allow you to keep focused when on the job, not to mention that […]

Dear John, An Ode Public Restroom Design

Public Restroom design is often one of the most overlooked and underserved architectural typologies. These projects present their own kind of design challenges that may not always come to mind at first pass. They do not need to be “throw-away” projects but should be considered a chance to make the mundane a bit better through […]

051: Style over Substance

We are all familiar with the phrase “style over substance” but those words might mean something else to architects. If I were to look at a project and describe it with this particular phrase, there is no question that this would reflect a negative opinion … but is it unnecessarily harsh or does it have […]

The Best Instagram Accounts to Follow for Construction

If you have an interest in construction best practices and techniques, social media platforms like Instagrams now provide previously unheard of access to people in the construction industry that are leading by example – and they are showing the world exactly how they are making a difference. Continue reading The Best Instagram Accounts to Follow […]

050: Talking Shop with Marlon Blackwell

We have special guest Marlon Blackwell, FAIA on the podcast today and if you are not intimately familiar with his work, I am excited to be in a position to share it with you. Marlon and I go back a long way and it seemed only fitting that we should finally ask him to be […]

Design Process – This is New for Me

I typically sketch through my ideas – a process that has remained steadfast over the entirety of my career – but I think we can agree that due to the corona-virus and the isolation mandates that we are definitely in uncharted waters Continue reading Design Process – This is New for Me at Life of […]

End of Architecture School Semester: COVID-19 Edition

As the spring semester of architecture school has ended during this COIVD-19 situation, I wanted to share some of my students’ work. The situation was stressful for my students as much as to professionals, and maybe even a bit more. But in the end, the majority of them rose to the occasion and produced creative […]

049: Objects of Design

For every architect and designer, there are objects out there that resonate for them in a profound manner and can even shape their design philosophies. These can be buildings, products – even materials – but no matter what you call them, they are “Objects of Design”. Continue reading 049: Objects of Design at Life of […]