The Salk Institute

Something happened recently that I didn’t see coming … I visited a building that I had known about since college, seen a million and one pictures of the project, but truly didn’t appreciate until I walked the space and experienced the building. Isn’t this what the power of architecture is all about? Visiting this project […]

Emailing Your Resume – Fatal Errors

Emailing your resume to potential employers seems to be the favored method of architectural students looking for internships and full-time employment. I say this with some confidence because I’ve received 5, and deleted 5, just last week … and let me tell you why. climbing up on soapbox I generally don’t think of myself as […]

Architectural Graphics 101 – Window Schedules

Apparently, I am a glutton for punishment because Architectural Graphics 101 the series is back after an unreasonably short time to discuss window schedules. I know … I’m all aflutter as well. Schedules, in general, have been on my list as a topic for this series since day one and I have been thinking about […]

A Simple Deck

Outdoor spaces take up a considerable amount of space and thinking in most of my projects – which makes sense considering that I can comfortably spend 9 months out of the year outside. There was a time when I thought outdoor spaces were something that was typically relegated to projects in more temperate climates, places […]

Territorial Trace

First, let’s get one thing clear: while it is labeled as “trace paper” don’t call it that. It is simply called “trace.” No apologies to “onion skin”, “bumwad” or any other monikers. Trace. A while back, I told everyone that if they smashed their roll of trace, it wouldn’t roll away from them when they […]

Models and Party Planning

In the very near future, we are going to throw a party at my office to recognize and celebrate a myriad of milestones, achievements, and honors. It’s been just over four years since we relocated to our new office and it was our intention then to through an “Open House” party where we would invite […]

Architectural Graphics 101 – Wall Types

Architectural Graphics 101 is back and today we are talking about wall types, a topic so sexy that I don’t know how anybody is going to make it all the way through this post without having to take a shower. It’s been a while since my last Architectural Graphics post and to be honest, I’m […]

Amazing Instagram Feeds for Sketching

As far as architectural sketching goes, I have a long way to go before I can carry the pen bag of the accounts I am going to share with you today. This is the second installment of Instagram feeds that I think are worth following – with today’s focus being “Architectural Sketching”. Let’s start by […]

A Culture of Models

Architectural models … there’s not a person walking the planet who doesn’t love them. My office isn’t particularly large, either in terms of employees (7) or square footage (1,677 sf), but we currently have 17 physical models of projects lying around. Despite their protests, I am not considering any of my employees as “architectural models”. At […]

Simple advances bring BAS to smaller buildings

© simon gurney – [[]]</span>The internet of things (IoT) is expanding rapidly. There are more and faster chips as well as more sensors in every element of buildings. Paired with improved wireless networking technology and standardised communication protocols that make it easier to collect data, it’s possible to transmit information, crunch numbers and use […]