055: Scale This!

How does scale factor into the practice of architecture? For any architect, scale and proportion are two skills that appear to be the most challenging to master. Continue reading 055: Scale This! at Life of an Architect. Source: Life of an Architect

Being an Architect is Hell – The Renovation Part 1

Being an Architect is hell … I’ve said it before and a lot of you have agreed with me (the smart ones typically). While I think it’s one of the best jobs you can have, being an architect can complicate other aspects of your life, aspects that “regular” people can blissfully go about their lives […]

Architecture Student Tool Kit

As I am preparing my syllabus and other items for the quickly approaching fall semester, I have begun to have discussions and questions about the student “tool kit” if you want to call it that. What do you need to have for architecture school today versus just a decade ago and even further back? How […]

054: Leadership

What exactly is leadership and what does it mean to be a leader? Leadership is thrust upon those who, through the strength of conviction and moral character, lead through personal example.  Continue reading 054: Leadership at Life of an Architect. Source: Life of an Architect

A Proper Desk for an Architect

I’m not proud of it but as an architect, I probably sit at my desk at least 10 hours a day. The good news is that there is something I can do about that … I just put in a stand/sit desk from Autonomous AI with a gigantic desk surface and my life is now […]

053: Culture of Design

Do you have a design culture in your office? Why is it that some firms have it and others don’t? A culture of design isn’t something that just happens, there has to be a plan, it needs to be cultivated, and even then, without the right sort of people in place, you might be fighting […]

Do Architects Still Need to Draw?

Do architects still need to draw? This is a controversial topic to be certain, but is it something that should be considered when planning for the future of the profession and the education of future architects? I am not certain of my stance on the issue, but I do believe it needs open discussion. Continue […]

052: Architectural Tools

When an architect goes to work … what happens? Do they pull out a pen and sketch paper? Maybe they power up some hardware – quite possibly a bit of both. Ask and architect what they need to do their job and they’ll all give you different answers but we’ll give you the real scope […]

You’ve Got to be Kidding Me

First and foremost, I am here to tell you that despite my own behavior, you really should find a way to take the time off your company provides. It’s important for your mental and physical health, improved familial relationships, greater well-being, it’ll allow you to keep focused when on the job, not to mention that […]