Episode 0001 – Character Development

So after eight and a half years, I have finally decided to enter the world of podcasting. I am excited to add this medium to my toolkit as I think podcasting my actually be a more natural medium for me rather than writing a blog post. I have maintained that I ama terrible writer, but I actually think I am a fairly engaging speaker – especially in the casual environment of a conversation between friends and colleagues.

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In this first episode, we do a little character development as I introduce you to Landon Williams – who will be my co-host in this adventure – and we talk about why we are doing this, what our objectives and goals are for the podcast, … and we only go down a few rabbit holes in this first episode.

Bob Borson and Landon Williams - Life of an Architect Podcast

The setup we have in place is pretty easy and direct. Since Landon literally sits next to me in the office, we simply sat at our desk when recoding the episode. If anyone has a question about our setup and the equipment we used, just ask in the comments below. After an incredibly deep-dive into the recording technology and equipment, I think I have a pretty good grip on a really good mid-level podcast setup. Of course, you’ll have final say on that once you listen to our first episode.

Landon Willams sketching during recording

This is Landon’s sketch that I mentioned during the show – If I wasn’t recording, maybe I would have tried to get a little closer. As one of our “learning” moments, I’ve told Landon that there is no sketching allowed during our recording sessions.

During the post-production editing, which was a small adventure in and of itself, I kept hearing this loud popping sound that was really annoying. I mentioned this to Landon and he confessed that he was clicking his pen … what?!? Soon he will be in charge of post-production editing and it will reinforce to him that good recording behavior will save loads of time in post-production editing.

I should say – and maybe this will change as I get my podcasting legs underneath me – that I don’t intend to do much editing from our recording sessions. I think the stumbles in how a phrase is turned makes the conversation a lot more natural and since you can’t go back during a real conversation, why should I do it here? (other than to edit out pen clicks …)

Finally – since I don’t think many people will be familiar with the “Barbara Streisand” song mentioned, I’ve embedded it into the post today so you can all enjoy a classic from Landon’s college studio days. [Note: If you’re reading in a feed reader, you may have to click-through to the post to see the player.]

The show notes to our first episode aren’t very exciting – I’m not sure they ever will be since all the action is happening within the actual podcast. I do hope that you will give this episode a try, and I hope that you will consider subscribing and making the ‘Life of an Architect’ podcast part of your listening rotation. Since this is the first episode, I will have to come back in here to provide links to Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Stitcher, TuneIn Radio, and Spotify – until I actually publish today’s post, the podcast doesn’t technically exist yet!

Thanks for being there for the first podcast – you will be able to say you’ve been there since day one!


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