021: Making an Architect

There isn’t an architect walking the planet that hasn’t questioned if they were making the right decision when they decided to become an architect – at least not if they’re being honest with themselves … which leads us to today’s topic of “Making an Architect” [Note: If you are reading this via email, you will […]

Stairs are Complicated

Some of the most complicated and underappreciated architectural drawings to ever exist are those depicting stairs. While I will readily concede that part of me likes the technical challenges that come from detailing stairs, the vast majority of me loathes preparing them. Unless the stairs are cool. These are the stairs that are in the […]

20: The Construction Bid Process

Every client wants to know what their project is going to cost and who’s going to build it. That means sending the drawings out and getting contractors involved … Let’s get ready to rumble because “The Construction Bid Process ” is today’s topic. [Note: If you are reading this via email, you will have to […]

019: Architectural Fees

Architectural Fees are a mystery to most people and there is no shortage of methods that architects use when charging for their services. How do you make sense of the options, which method works best for you, and how do you provide a method that suits the needs of both the architect and their clients. […]

How to Get a Job in an Architect’s Office

Getting a job in an architect’s office should be a lot easier than it really is … well, I should put a caveat on that statement to say that it’s hard to get a good job in a good architect’s office. Including mine. The reason this particular topic is on my mind is that I […]

018: Crafting an Image

Architecture and photography have a symbiotic relationship with one another and every architect knows that a picture is worth a 1,000 words. For today’s episode, Andrew and I sit down with photographer Poul Ober to discuss the role photography plays in telling an architectural story, as well as the evolving impact photography is having on popular […]

Don’t Let the Internet Design Your Project

Despite knowing it was coming for me, I decided to post one of my recent sketches to Instagram and Facebook … and I was murdered. For 95% of those folks doing the murdering, their intentions were honest and well intended. For the other 5%, … I won’t say what I want to say. For those […]

017: Quitting Your Job

It happens to almost all of us eventually, and for pretty much everybody, the experience ranges from unpleasant to downright panic-inducing … so get your moving box ready because “Quitting Your Job” is today’s topic, something that I, unfortunately, know a lot about. [Note: If you are reading this via email, you will have to […]

Estate Project – Preston Hollow

Life of been disproportionately busy as of late – which is nothing that should win me any awards, but I am already disproportionately busy so for me to single it out should count for something … I can assure you that my family has taken notice. I mentioned a few blog posts ago (here) that I have […]

016: Architecture in the Real World

Pull up a chair, order your favorite drink, and let me tell you about architecture in the “real ” world. I thought I would try to make this an upbeat article but as I sit down to write it, I’m not so sure how successful a job I am going to do (good thing we’re drinking here, […]