Architectural Blogging … It isn’t for Everyone

My computer is dying … I am systematically killing it with all the stuff I keep on here. One of the things that frequently happens when you write a blog like mine (i.e. a site that is graphically heavy with content) is that your hard drive fills up pretty quickly. Yes, I keep stuff in the cloud […]

If You’re Not Having Fun, then You’re Doing Something Wrong

“If you go on vacation to Ireland and don’t enjoy yourself, then that’s your fault.” This is what a man told me as I sat in the British Airways lounge in Heathrow airport while I was waiting with for my flight to Dublin, Ireland, with my wife and daughter. We are currently enjoying my daughter’s […]

Architectural Sketches 002 – The Series

About 30 days and thousands of sketches later, it’s time for the next round of Architectural Sketches – The Series. While I think adding “The Series” on to the end certainly makes it sound super exciting, I’m not entirely convinced of its value. I really want to try and demonstrate that there are all sorts […]

Website for an Architect

I think there is a not-so-well-hidden secret out there that the websites for architects are almost all unilaterally terrible. They are cumbersome and hard to navigate – trying to find information on them seems to be a reward for people who demonstrate an unreasonable amount of patience. Why is that? Well, I have my theories but […]

Architectural Redlines During Design

Nothing makes people lose their minds faster than whenever I post a sketch … you would think that contained somewhere within this sketch is the nuclear launch codes and because of my frivolous lack of attention, I’ve just put the world on a collision course with Armageddon. Relax everyone … if I don’t call out a […]

On-Site Architectural Photography

Last week I spent a frigid couple of days in the far northern part of Wisconsin with Poul Ober, an architectural photographer, so that we could get professional images captured of the modern cabin I wrapped up in this area earlier this year. Ultimately I think we will end up taking two trips … not […]

Architectural Sketches – The Series

Architects sketch as a part of doing their job – at least all the good ones that I know. Right now, as a general rule, it would appear that depending on how old you are, you either sketch, use computer software, or some portion of both to work through your ideas. At 49-years-old, I seem […]

The Year was 1980-Something

There are few moments in your life where the time span between the current and younger versions of yourself collide. I had such a moment yesterday and despite my aversion to “celebrity sightings”, this is basically what happened. I am currently in the Orlando airport with 2 hours to kill before I head back to […]

Metal Shelf of Awesomeness

It all started with a party – getting ready for one to be exact. It is not lost on me that it always seems to take having people before you decide to fix things up. Nonetheless, we had an open house party towards the end of last year and I took the opportunity to deal with […]

Somehow, 2018 Feels Different

2018 is only a few hours old and it already feels different to me. Ignoring the fact that I am still sitting in my front room writing a blog post right before it is “due”, and ignoring the fact that this will be the first time in 5 years that I haven’t taken a two […]