Do Architects Still Need to Draw?

Do architects still need to draw? This is a controversial topic to be certain, but is it something that should be considered when planning for the future of the profession and the education of future architects? I am not certain of my stance on the issue, but I do believe it needs open discussion. Continue […]

052: Architectural Tools

When an architect goes to work … what happens? Do they pull out a pen and sketch paper? Maybe they power up some hardware – quite possibly a bit of both. Ask and architect what they need to do their job and they’ll all give you different answers but we’ll give you the real scope […]

You’ve Got to be Kidding Me

First and foremost, I am here to tell you that despite my own behavior, you really should find a way to take the time off your company provides. It’s important for your mental and physical health, improved familial relationships, greater well-being, it’ll allow you to keep focused when on the job, not to mention that […]

#Loeries2020: Creative hour with… Suhana Gordhan

The Loeries recently launched a new series of webinars called Creative Hour, whereby new Loeries CEO, Preetesh Sewraj hosts industry leaders from across the region, raising industry-related topics that would typically be discussed in private at the close of business. Read more… | Send to a friend Source: Building & Construction news S.A

Eusebius McKaiser parting ways with Radio 702

Image source: [[ 702 website]].</span>#NEWSWATCH: Talk show host Eusebius McKaiser and Radio 702 announced on Twitter that they have decided to part ways. Read more… | Send to a friend Source: Building & Construction news S.A

#YouthMonth: Be truthful in your marketing

Cape Town-born actress, Schelaine Bennett.</span>Cape Town-born actress, Schelaine Bennett plays the role of Tamara in the new IGTV daily soapie called Lockdown Heights. It’s a 21-part episodic IGTV drama series which started airing on Instagram on 27 March 2020, based in South Africa during the Covid-19 nationwide lockdown and airs every day at 8:30pm. Read […]

#YouthMonth: Dylan Naidoo has a strong message for the media industry

This Youth Month, together with Pride Factor Academy, young and confident ‘thought leaders’ share what they think the business community can do better to address the needs of the youth through a series of videos. Read more… | Send to a friend Source: Building & Construction news S.A

Content, connection and the corona-coaster

The words ‘content is king’, have been bandied around often and with great relish over the past few years. With the rise of social media and the digital influencer, consumers have been spoilt for choice and competing for their attention has become tougher and tougher. Read more… | Send to a friend Source: Building & […]