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By the time you have reached this page, you have already expressed the need or desire for drawing services in your current project and will no doubt be in inquiring about ‘Our Drawing Services‘ and possibly more information regarding the drawing process, Council submission, Engineering services and Cost Estimating services we have to offer.

Typically most clients inquire about our Drawing rates. In the past most Architect and Draughtsman worked on a rate per square meter basis, however since the establishment of SACAP (the South African Council for architectural professionals) and the mandatory registration to this Association as a professional in this field, we no longer work on a rate per square meter rather as a registered professional our service fees scale has been Gazetted by Government, this is in line with most professional services fees such as Doctors and Attorneys.

We require that our clients set up a meeting at our offices, in order for us to take down a detailed brief of their project and determine an estimated building cost for said project. This building cost together with the STAGES of work requested from us, is then entered into the SACAP calculator which then formulates a fee and payment structure plan. We have found that some of the SACAP calculator fees may be excessive for the amount of work required, and as such we regularly discount our fees from the recommended rate as set out by SACAP.

Our office meetings are free, and affords both parties the perfect opportunity to swap ideas around their projects requirements. However, we do Site meetings within the greater Johannesburg area, when requested, at a rate of R2500.00 per site visit, payable prior to said meeting.

On completion of the drawing process, we issue our clients with a full set of WORKING DRAWINGS and related documentation for Local Authority submission. The drawings and documentation are then handed to the clients for their submission. We do offer a plan submission service should you so require.

For further details on the plan submission process and our plan submission services fees [CLICK HERE]

Our drawing services
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Architectural Services by Crane Designs.

All plans are drawn up to your ideal specifications for your new dream home, additions or alterations.  A full “turn key” service is offered with the benefit of shorter waiting time on council approval of your plans.  Get off to a good start and CONTACT US obligation free with your next project.

CRANE DESIGNS may not be the biggest Architectural firm on the block, nor the most expensive on the block, that being said we also not the cheapest, but can guarantee that you will get the best service for your money.

We can say with all humility that we are the best Architectural firm in our area,

having a greatest passion for design and service excellence for all our clients.

With over 30 years of experience in the South African building industry and Architectural design, our client’s draw on a wealth of knowledge for their projects. We invite you to contact us under the ‘CONTACT US‘ tab or by sending us an email through our contact form.

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What are the advantages of having an Architectural Draftsman?

  • Commissioning an architectural draftsman for your product will ensure that you end up with work done correctly and also less stress for you.
  • Architectural draftsman’s are especially good at seeing the bigger picture, making the best of the space you have or improving it. You’ll also get interesting designs and have assurance that the work is professionally done and that it meets the requirements of building regulations.
  • Avoid inexperienced architectural draftsman’s as they can potentially make costly mistakes, that’s why Crane Designs delivers the most professional and effective services, to suit your construction budget.
  • One other benefit is that an architectural draftsman can also help you find the best builder and project managers and keep within budget. Building is never an exacting science, they are always unforeseen cost implications that occurred. That is why an accurate cost estimate and bill of resources is vital to any construction project, for expert eyes and ears please don’t hesitate to call us.


W.G Clark of Clark and Menefee Architects,

once wrote about architects and design, saying,

“It is not only buildings that interest us: there is something of greater importance which, through them, we are trying to reach.

It has to do with the joining of structure and land, and how this can, and should, result in a sureness of place that is all the stronger for the union.

The most important quality of architecture is the way it relates to, signifies, and dignifies a place on earth. …  Architecture is a disturbing art: It destroys places. Building sites always have the scent of sacrifice, barely asked by the hopeful and exciting smell of a new construction.

It is our job to assuage the sacrifice and make building an act of understanding and adoration of the place.”

Architectural draftsman’s turn design problems into advantages, limitations into design parameters.

Creatively speaking architectural draftsman’s turn design problems into advantages, limitations into design parameters. For example, clients need to be specific, saying “I need you to design me a building” is simply not going to cut it.